Sunday, June 28, 2015

Putting things in his terms

Between Facebook and the newspaper, Wm asked about "pride" and "same-sex marriage" and rainbows.  He already knows about LGBT, so it was more a discussion about why it marriage wasn't legal in some places before.

Then, after some reflection, he said: "Well, I guess for kids who like boardgames, having two moms would be great.  And for kids who only like sports, having two dads would be great.  But, for me, I like having a mom and a dad because sometimes I like to play boardgames and sometimes I like to play sports."

And, now you know what Greg and I each play the most often with Wm.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Gender & Generational Change

For your amusement, an excerpt of our dinner conversation last night:

Wm: Did you know that "William" is the second most popular name for U.S. presidents tied with "John"?  There were 4 Williams.  "James" is the most popular - there were six.  

[discussion on how no Patricks or Ians]
[discussion on me/Greg/my mom trying to name all the Jameses and Williams]

Wm: My teacher didn't tell me what the most popular girl's name was for the presidents.  Maybe "Susan" because of Susan B Anthony?
My mom: No, she wasn't a president.
Wm: Well, who were our girl presidents? 
Greg: Um... we haven't had one.
Wm: WHAT? How can no girl have been president EVER? 

This gives me hope on changes in thinking on gender equality.  

[Side note: Wikipedia indicates there were actually 5 Johns, so William is downgraded to third place.  Sorry, kid.]