Saturday, January 25, 2014

A whole lot of nothing?

I feel like I've been doing nothing lately.  At least, nothing worth blogging about.  The snow has driving my mind into a freeze - I guess that's what four years in the tropics will do.  In fact, as I type this, my fingers are so freezing to the touch that I know in a few minutes, when I put Patch & Wm to bed, Patch will invariably complain again about how cold they are and how I shouldn't touch him.  *sigh*

But really, we've been extremely busy getting our condo ready for - and placed on - the market.  We debated keeping it as a rental investment (after all, we really like the place and I think harbored secret dreams that we could move back in in 15 years when we only had Ian living at home).  But, in reality, neither of us actually enjoy being landlords - and certainly not from 10,000 miles overseas and the extra headache that imposes.  So, after we got past the emotional reaction of not wanting to leave the District,  it made the most sense to sell it after the tenants moved out.  Which they decided to do in December.

As it is, I'm now quite pleased we decided to sell it while we're here and I could say a proper good bye.  I'm happy I could spiff it up myself (with help from Greg, Beth and Lea!) to make sure it was in the best shape possible.  Somehow, being able to do those things in person - rather than making decisions over the phone or email or via a power of attorney - puts me more at ease with selling it.

Our realtor is expecting an offer tomorrow morning - shocking, given we just put it on the market on Wednesday.  So, I guess you could be reading my post of happy memories in the condo as soon as the end of February (closings are usually the end of the month), if we're lucky.

While changing electrical plugs, touching up paint, switching out degenerate ceiling fans for lights, deep cleaning tile grout, getting quotes for a broken window pane, etc aren't really blog worthy, this month hasn't been filled with nothing.  Just the technical parts of saying goodbye to our first home.   

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

In case you had any doubt

Wm is definitely Greg's son.  Breakfast conversation this morning:

G: Wm, if you finish up breakfast by 7:45, you can watch Manchester City
[aside: Wm has decided Manchester City is his team]
W: Really? I can do it! it's only 7:05! Who are they playing?
G: I don't know - Crystal Palace?
W: NO. They already played Crystal Palace and won 1-0
[impressed look from Greg to Pam]
G: Maybe Cardiff. 
[Wm's proceeds to look up Cardiff's stats on the iPad Fifa Soccer game]
G: Actually, I don't think it's Cardiff.
W: Well, it can't be Arsenal. Manchester City beat them 6-3. 
[at this point, Greg is beaming with pride…]
[for those wondering - it's vs. Swansea.  We'll see who wins]