Sunday, April 13, 2014

To Do

Battling illness of a variety of kinds, at the last minute (when Wm had a 102 fever on Friday) we opted not to drive up to NH and PA to visit family.  Taking a car load of kids, who haven't been all been healthy for a week straight, to visit friends and family - especially when family is 90 years old - just didn't seem like a smart idea.  So, it's a stay-cation for two days (and I'll go into work for the other three ... saving those days for whenever we *are* healthy and can drive north!).

I put together a list of things I'd like to do with these four days home: grocery shop; file papers; order photos; call grandpa; figure out how to pay school fees in Hyderabad; mow; seed grass; plant seeds; check Lea's papers before she goes home; plan dinner while Lea is in the Philippines; mail cards.

Wm then wrote his "to do" list next to mine: change up; fix bed; eat lunch early; soccer game; park.

Kind of wish he had remembered to put his homework on it ... :) I like his list better than mine!